Our Roots…

Beginning with an indenture dated July 27,1791, Nicholas Worley and seven subsequent Worley generations have owned and operated the family farm in the southeastern section of Columbus County, adjacent to the South Carolina-North Carolina state line.

The farm this July will celebrate its 230th anniversary in producing quality crops and livestock including but not limited to turpentine, sugar cane, hogs, cows, sheep, donkeys, rice, cotton, tobacco, corn, soybeans, strawberries, watermelons, sweet potatoes, wheat, and chickens. Primarily, the farming operation today consists of 700 acres of row crops and produce including strawberries, corn, soybeans, wheat, watermelons, sweet corn, and about 50 acres of pasture for the 40 cows, due to societal changes in the last decade with tobacco as a major cash crop in the Carolinas. 

Equipped with a solid education from from North Carolina State University with a degree in agronomy; Chandler and his wife, Jenny, (a retired kindergarten teacher of 32 years) devote all their livelihood in the daily farming operation and actively taking continuing education classes from Southeastern Community College and other educational agriculture programs to benefit the operation.

Throughout the years, the Worleys have served in the Revolutionary War, Civil War, Spanish-American War and World War II obviously for the purpose of defending their rich heritage and the old homeplace.

Over the years, farming has been instilled in the Nicholas Worley decendants, thus creating the impetus for future generations of family farmers, who like Chandler Worley and his family, will adjust and prepare for tomorrow.

Written and compiled by:

Dennis Worley, Chandler Worley & Emily Worley
Copyright 2021